What is the hookgrip for lifting?

Hookgrip is a common method of gripping the barbell during an Olympic lifting movement (Snatch or Clean). While most commonly used for olympic lifts, the hookgrip has gained traction amongst powerlifters for deadlifts as well. Hookgrip provides a more powerful and strengthened grip compared to the standard double overhand grip, but at the price of immense pain to the thumbs. It is an universally accepted practice to wrap the thumbs with tape to reduce this pain. However, it can often be difficult finding the perfect tape that provides the flexibility, comfort, and durability that you want.

While taping your thumbs is commonplace for hookgrip, there are also a lot of people that avoid it for various reasons. Some just haven’t found the right tape that will allow them to have a natural feeling grip on the bar. Some just don’t like the excessive residue that is left behind after using tape. Whatever the reason, LiftGenie tape aims to remedy them to provide you with the best lifting experience!

How does LiftGenie weightlifting tape help?

LiftGenie weightlifting tape is extremely flexible. It fits as the perfect accessory for the hookgrip. The tape is extremely malleable and allows it to conform to the shape of your thumb as you see fit. The flexibility of the tape allows a great range of motion for your thumb, which allows for a perfectly natural feeling hookgrip setup each and every time.

Unlike many other tapes struggle to find the balance between too much adhesive and durability to last the entire workout, LiftGenie is perfectly durable and is balanced with the perfect amount of adhesive. LiftGenie tape can be applied at the start of the workout and will last till the very end of it with minimal need to retape. Best part of all? No residue!

Using the tape as an accessory for your hookgrip provides a greatly reduced level of pain for your thumb during your lift!

What are the dimensions of the tape?

The tape comes in rolls that measure 22.5 Ft in length and 2 inches in width. One roll will be able to last you for many workouts!

Can I order the tape as wholesale?

Yes! We provide special pricing for larger quantities which saves you a chunk of money! Email us at support@liftgenie.us for special pricing!