How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary depending on location and the product ordered. We currently provide FREE shipping for all domestic orders over $8. Shipping for international orders will be calculated at checkout.

What is the difference between the regular LiftGenie Weightlifting Tape and the LiftGenie Plus+ Weightlifting Tape?
The LiftGenie Plus+ Weightlifting Tape is specifically made for those that prefer their tape a little stickier. Both tapes offer the same flexibility and comfort that is perfect for hookgrip. LiftGenie Plus+ is made to be stickier and more sweat resistant so it is perfect for those that sweat a bit more on their hands or just prefer a little more stick to their tape.

Do you guys offer wholesale pricing for LiftGenie Weightlifting Tape?
Yes we do! We have a wholesale pricing option available on our site for those that wish to buy in larger quantities. Wholesale pricing lowers the cost per roll, so is perfect for gyms and anyone that uses a larger quantity of tape.
The quantities available on our site at the moment are 75 rolls, 125 rolls and 250 rolls. If you would like to order in larger quantities, please contact us at support@liftgenie.us
If you would also like to have different colors sent with your wholesale order, please contact us at support@liftgenie.us

Do you ship worldwide?
We have international shipping available. Shipping for international orders will be calculated at checkout. Shipping prices may vary depending on the product and location.
What is your return/exchange policy?
Please refer to return/exchange page for more information on our return/exchange policy.