Bundle: Wrist Wraps & Knee Sleeves
Bundle: Wrist Wraps & Knee Sleeves

Bundle: Wrist Wraps & Knee Sleeves

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Bundle wrist wraps and knee sleeves to save!

Bundle include: 1 Pair of LiftGenie Wrist Wraps and 1 Pair of LiftGenie Knee Sleeves.


Colors Available: Black


Length: 12"

Width: 3"

Made of high quality elastic, our wrist wraps are the perfect support for your wrists as you attempt your heaviest lifts. LiftGenie wrist wraps include a loop to hook onto your thumb to add extra security if needed so you can focus on your lifts without worry of the wraps slipping. 


Colors Available: Black

Knee Sleeves used to help keep your knees warm throughout your warm ups and workout. Minimal support, mainly to keep knees warm.

Each sold as a pair (2 knee sleeves)

We know how annoying it is to have to keep readjusting your knee sleeve during your sessions. LiftGenie knee sleeves come with an extra anti-slip strip on the top edge to help prevent slippage of knee sleeve during workouts. 

Measuring for size of knee sleeves is based on the thigh circumference about 8-10 cm above the knee cap. 

Sizing chart: