Bundle: Knee Sleeves & Hip Bands
Bundle: Knee Sleeves & Hip Bands

Bundle: Knee Sleeves & Hip Bands

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Bundle hip bands and knee sleeves to save!

Get one hip band or get a set of hip bands to save even more!

Bundle includes: 1 LiftGenie Hip Band (2 if you purchase a set (Small&Medium)) & 1 Pair of LiftGenie Knee Sleeves.


Colors Available: Blue

Available in 2 sizes: Small and Medium

Dimensions: Small (66cm/26 inches) Medium (76cm/30 inches)

LiftGenie Hip Bands are perfect for adding that extra bit of resistance you need for your warm ups or during your lifts. Available in two sizes with varying resistance so you can get the band that is perfect for your workouts!

Hip band(s) also come with small drawstring bag so you will always have something to carry your band(s) in!


Colors Available: Black

Knee Sleeves used to help keep your knees warm throughout your warm ups and workout. Minimal support, mainly to keep knees warm.

Each sold as a pair (2 knee sleeves)

We know how annoying it is to have to keep readjusting your knee sleeve during your sessions. LiftGenie knee sleeves come with an extra anti-slip strip on the top edge to help prevent slippage of knee sleeve during workouts. 

Measuring for size of knee sleeves is based on the thigh circumference about 8-10 cm above the knee cap. 

Sizing chart:

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